Computer Systems Built by TAG Computer Services


Computer Systems Built by TAG Computer Services

Computer Systems Built and Repaired by TAG

TAG Computer Services provides computer repair and virus removal services for Niagara. We are located in Fonthill in the heart of Niagara. We specialize in complex virus removal and hardware recovery on computer technology. We have been in business since 1995 and serve both corporate and residential clients throughout Niagara. With our vast corporate experience you can always expect a professional, “industrial strength” service. TAG is an authorized Lenovo dealer. Lenovo acquired IBM’s desktop and laptop computer business several years ago.

TAG Computer Services provides guaranteed repair services for computer hardware, performance issues and errors caused by viruses and malware. If your computer is running slow, locking up or booting you off, we have a remedy for it. We will get down to the root of the problem and do our best to prevent it from occurring. If the same problem comes back, bring it in and we will repair it without any additional charges.

TAG Computer Services is also a Virus Removal specialist. We have battled the worst worms and the most malicious malware. We’ve even had some Trojans try our patience. We can even boast about our 99.9% clean rate since opening. Virtually 99.9% of computer systems we have serviced for virus removal or Malware repair have not had their issues return.

Oh and lest we forget, we also sell everything from Computer Laptops to Servers!



Remote & Onsite Repair Services in Niagara

We provide onsite repair service for your computer or network anywhere in Niagara.
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The TAG Computer Services Guarantee

TAG Computer Services provides friendly and reliable computer service you can count on. We back that up!Techs Are Ready