Ransomware Phishing attack – don’t open resume.zip files


Warning: there is a ransomware phishing attack going on which uses attachments with fake resumes of a nonexistent girl, and this attack also uses compromised websites to infect your computer. Do NOT open any attachments that look anything like a zipped resume, and be careful to not go to unknown websites. Make sure that all the applications on your computer are up to date.

The SANS InfoSec Forums noted that since Monday May 25th new CryptoWall 3.0 ransomware attacks started, using both malicious spam and the Angler exploit kit (EK). The attack wave has increased significantly since Monday June 8th, and the use of the Angler EK appears to have started around the same time. 

Both campaigns are active as recently as Friday June 12th. SANS published a flow chart that shows the path to infection, and you can see at the following blog. http://blog.knowbe4.com/annoying-new-ransomware-attack-uses…

Please feel free to forward this warning to help others stay protected.


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